Best Furniture Stores in Los Angeles: A Guide to Furniture Types

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Whether you’re furnishing your new flat or just replacing some of your home furnishings, going to the best furniture stores in Los Angeles should be your first choice. These shops usually offer the most extensive selection of durable and up-to-date pieces in the market.

A Guide to the Furniture Types in the Best Furniture Stores in Los Angeles

Shopping in the best modern furniture stores in Los Angeles, however, can pose quite a bit of a challenge sometimes. Imagine browsing their vast collections in search of that one piece that’ll complete your room. Imagine finally settling on a furnishing piece only to find something better—something that you didn’t even consider before—a couple of aisles over. Imagine repeating this process every time you enter a shop. Sounds rough right?

The easiest way to avoid this problem? Settle on what pieces of furnishing to look for days before going to the store. Here’s a list of the most common types of furniture in the market.

Living Room Furniture

The focal point of your house’s social activities. The living room must be well-equipped to accommodate both your family and guests. If you invite people often to your place, it’s also important to make it as aesthetically appealing as possible. It is the first and last room that your visitors would see after all. Here are the types of furniture that you can get for this room.

  • Sofas – A long (usually upholstered) seat with arms and a back. It can typically accommodate two or more people.
  • Sectionals – Usually sold in sets, sectionals are sofas that are divided into two or three parts. They can be arranged according to the owner’s preference.
  • Pull-out sofa beds – Also known as sleepers, these are sofas that can be extended to become beds.
  • Loveseats – The shorter cousins of sofas, they can usually only accommodate two people (hence the name).
  • Accent chairs – Chairs that are designed to stand out and/or complement a room’s style or décor.
  • Recliners – An adjustable reclining chair.
  • Ottomans – A low (usually upholstered) chair without arms and a back.
  • Side tables – Small tables that are placed at the corners of sofa sets.
  • Coffee tables – Low tables that are placed in front of sofas.
  • Accent tables –The table counterpart of accent chairs.
  • Cabinets – Vertical storage compartments that have lids that can be transparent (glass) or opaque.
  • Shelves – Vertical tiered storage compartments, usually for books. Typically have no lids.
  • Entertainment centers – Can be built in or assembled, these are huge shelves that are designed to accommodate television sets and other entertainment equipment.

Dining Room Furniture

Excellent food and ambience are the key ingredients to the best dining experience. With the right furnishings, you can accomplish the latter just as successfully as the best restaurants in your area. Check out the list below to find out what furniture you can get to ramp up your mealtimes.

  • Dining tables – The most pertinent surface of the room.
  • Dining chairs – Their number varies depending on the table size and shape.
  • Cabinets – Vertical storage compartments that have lids that can be transparent (glass) or opaque.

Bedroom Furniture

Just because you (and your significant other) are the only ones who’ll use this room doesn’t mean that you can’t lavish it with the same amount of attention you gave to your other more socially active rooms. It just means that you have more freedom when furnishing this room. Here are some of the most common furnishings that you’ll find in the best furniture stores in Los Angeles.

  • Beds – The most pertinent furniture of the room.
  • Nightstands – Small tables located on either side of the bed near the headboard.
  • Dressers – A chest of drawers with a large mirror on top. They’re usually paired with a chair.
  • Cabinets – Lidded vertical storage compartments for clothes and other personal belongings.
  • Armoires – Movable cabinets, usually of intricate and antique design, for clothes and other personal belongings.

Before you visit a modern furniture stores in Los Angeles, establish what pieces of furnishing you are going to look for. Consider this guide, make a list, and take note of your desired furniture dimensions. Always have a game plan before you go furniture hunting for the best shopping experience.

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