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✅ Article should be at least 600 words;
✅ Topics: everything around business, technology, health, lifestyle, sports and travel;
✅ Include metadata;  meta title 50 – 60 characters; meta description 130 -160 characters
✅ Use heading tags on each paragraphs to make it easy to read;
✅ Include at-least 1 image; size 800 x 500 px
✅ Only original, high quality content;
✅ We only allow 1 dofollow link;
✅ We do not use author’s bio on our website;
✅ Provide interlinking in one of our contents
✅ Type of contents accepted; Articles and Videos

We don’t accept

❌ Low quality and non-original content;
❌ Plagiarize contents;
❌ Just pure advertising of your product or services

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