Useful Tips for LASIK Financing in Los Angeles

In 2017, the average cost of LASIK eye surgery in America is $2,088 per eye. Yes, you read that right. Per eye. This figure is based on a report by All About Vision, a leading eye care analytics company. Additionally, since LASIK eye surgery is considered an elective and cosmetic operation, health insurance companies seldom include them in their plans.

Given these figures, many people feel that LASIK eye surgery is beyond their financial means. If you’re one of them, don’t be so quick to throw in the towel. You can still undergo the procedure, despite the LASIK eye surgery cost in Los Angeles, without breaking the bank. You just have to be wise with your financial options.


What You Can Do

Your options when it comes to LASIK financing in Los Angeles depend on your eye surgery clinic’s policy. Establish and examine all your choices before scheduling your procedure. Use these tips to get yourself the best possible deal.

    1. Start setting aside money months before your LASIK operation. Introduce a reasonable saving system to your budget plan. It’ll help you avoid dealing with serious damage to your savings for the procedure. It’ll also give you a larger budget allowance for the insurance.
    2. Ask your LASIK clinic if they accept installment payments. If they do, consider going for this option. Directly paying the clinic is usually better than doing so with the help of a financing company. Ask them also if they have any financing options for their patients.
    3. Find out if your LASIK clinic accepts payment via financing companies. Nowadays, financing companies that offer assistance for healthcare procedures are commonplace. However, not all are acknowledged by LASIK clinics and surgeons. So, don’t sign the first good loan that comes your way. Ask for their list of approved financing agencies first.Research as much as you can about the financing companies on the provided list. Compare their LASIK eye surgery loan offers and go for the one that best suits your current financial status. Then, find out how to apply to your financing agency of choice from your clinic. Most of the time, patients don’t need to visit the actual office of the agency. They just need to send, fax, or email their application. In some cases, the LASIK clinic can arrange the loan for their patient. So, don’t forget to ask your LASIK surgery clinic about their financing procedures.
    4. Be reasonable. When securing loans, make sure that you consider your financial limits. Secure one that is well within your limits. Ask yourself: “Can I really afford to pay that much amount every month?” If you can answer this with a confident “yes,” then re-evaluate your options.Agencies that offer LASIK financing typically have a wide range of plans. There are loans that’ll give you months or years to complete your payment, and there are loans that’ll let you pay sporadically over a set period without incurring additional costs. Explore your options before settling on a LASIK eye surgery financing plan.

Don’t let the high LASIK eye surgery cost in Los Angeles hold you back from getting a much-needed procedure. Consider these payment pointers before scheduling your operation.

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