Top Nutritional Benefits of Almonds

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Almonds and roasted! Since my childhood, I believed that no two words could better complement each other. Then the world introduced me to the idea of roasting friends. And roasted almonds moved to number two on my ‘made for each other words’ list. Anyhow, roasted almonds have been my favorite since childhood and have been the only form of almonds that I relished eating. As a kid, I saw my mother making an effort to soak almonds in the water overnight for me to eat them in the morning. I never failed to disappoint her but she continues to follow this ritual religiously till date.

The other day I was watching my favorite movie when she put a plate of peeled almonds in front of me. ‘This will help sharpen your memory,’ she explained. The cliche sentence of hers makes me wonder if she herself is scared of being erased from memory one day. Jokes apart, I love her and appreciate the efforts she puts in looking after me. I will admit that almonds do have numerous nutritional benefits (apart from sharpening memory, of course).

A couple of the most noteworthy benefits are as follows:

✅ Scares away the heart diseases

Almonds are rich in anti-oxidants and mono-unsaturated fatty acids. Both of these components are a perfect recipe for preventing any cardiovascular diseases from developing. The supply of antioxidant flavonoids, present in the nut’s brown skin (I have nothing against almonds and I am not being racist) aids in boosting the artery health. Apart from this, almonds are rich in nutrients like magnesium, manganese, copper, potassium, and calcium, all of which support heart health. Moreover, they help to keep the cholesterol levels and blood pressure of an individual at a healthy level besides preventing plaque from building up along the artery walls.

✅ Keeps the bones healthy

You read that right. Milk is not the only source of calcium that makes our bones stronger. Therefore, if you loathe drinking that white liquid, almonds got your back. Apart from calcium, God added phosphorus to almonds while creating them that translated into benefits like strong teeth and bones for the humankind. The phosphorus also helps in preventing diseases like osteoporosis from developing. However, this does not imply that you eliminate milk from your diet as a whole. And if you hate eating almonds as much as you loathe drinking milk, try almond milk. It will be a yummy treat for your taste buds.

✅ Makes the immune system strong

A source of alkali materials, almonds are excellent at boosting the immune system’s strength. A stronger immune system means a lower risk of attracting various diseases. In addition to these alkaline materials, almonds are also a source of Vitamin E that reduces the risk of being attacked by chronic diseases.

✅ Can help you lose those extra pounds

In general, nuts are considered your enemies if you have decided to set on a journey to lose weight. The opposite is true for almonds. Almonds (unsweetened) are a good option you would want to consider if you want to lose weight. Almonds are rich in mono-unsaturated fats which satiates the hunger pangs. Apart from that, the dietary fiber present in almonds make up for the high-calorie meal, you would otherwise consume, by giving you a fuller feeling even if consumed in a minute amount.

✅ Keeps the blood sugar levels under control

Almonds are rich in fiber, healthy fats and proteins. Thus, making them an ideal candidate for diabetics. The magnesium present in these nuts to the trick. They help to keep the blood sugar levels under control. Hence, reducing the chances of having diabetes. Magnesium aids in decreasing the rise in after-meal blood sugar and keeping it at a controllable level. Therefore, patients suffering from diabetes as well as non-sufferers should make almonds a part of their daily meals.

Aren’t you amazed by the wonders this little nut can do! Little did we realize while putting this creation of God on the side of our plates while enjoying almond chicken (oh, the irony) that they are so beneficial for us. Anyhow, now I am craving for Chinese food. I will go order myself some scrumptious food that I will enjoy while watching The Almond Treethanks to my reliable frontier cable. Meanwhile, you guys go treat yourselves to some almonds.

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