Some of the best Décor Ideas for your Home

If you are wondering how to start decorating your small home and make it even more beautiful than earlier, we are here to help you out. There are plenty of ways to make your small home a cozy and neat one. Regardless of the type of space, you are decorating nothing more important than paying attention to the details.

So, today let’s decorate your home keeping in mind all the little details usually people ignore.

✅ Start from the kitchen

Designing your kitchen is the most laborious task you have to do. Make sure you select all your kitchen essentials selectively ensuring they are beautiful and are hygienic. Start by purchasing for airtight containers, hammered copper sinks, mosquito repellent and other similar things to keep the place clean and tidy.  Place them well in cabinets and keep cleaning them weekly to avoid all the unwanted germs.

✅ Next Comes your Study Room

Study room might seem a small place, but it is difficult to manage it too.  Organize your study table at the corner of the room and use the remaining space for books or make it your creative place. Don’t make your study room a boring place with dark color walls or furniture. Instead, make it interesting with stripes or texture. It will make the place a more happy place, and you would love to spend time in the room more. Make a  separate place for digital items in the room to avoid all the disturbance while reading or revising.

✅ Time to set the Washroom

Storage space in the washroom is a good idea, but if your storage space is of wood, it isn’t a good idea. Use glass slabs or glass cupboards to keep all your essentials in the washroom.  Also instead of going for marble bath sinks, it is better to go for hammered copper sinks. Copper has a property to kill the bacteria and keep the place healthy. So, you won’t be required to invest much in the cleaning of the sink. Internally it will always be clean and hygienic. Also, don’t forget to keep a carpet near your washroom door to keep the place dry.

✅ Go bold with Corners

Use wallpapers in the corners of the home and add extra-large or extra small items in that corner to use it as either creative space or your thoughtful space.  Also, make sure you make your hallway colorful to add as many pictures as you want. The colored hallway will give you the positive vibe, and the corners of the hallway will be the perfect place to get clicked.

✅ Time to Set the Bedroom

Why not purchase the platform beds for you and your family? The platform beds include the discreetly designed extra storage, which can be hidden underneath the bed. If you are low on closet space or you want to keep a small closet because it is beautiful this bed is a perfect idea. The sides of the bed must have round tables with drawers having all your essentials required early morning or late night.

Moreover, keep the lighting low and white in the room to avoid all the unnecessary attention on the tiniest things in the room.

✅ The Living Room Now!

The living room is a place where all your people hang out and have a fun time. So, it is extremely important to decorate every part of the room beautifully. Gone are days when you used a wooden round table to make the room beautiful. Time to change it! Go for the marble glass table round or square depending on your choice. Let the room be decorated in a fun theme and use different dried petals to decorate the walls or make an art piece to place at the back wall of the room.

✅ Own a Store Room too?

The most ignored part of the home is store room but do you know storeroom can serve you wonders and on the other side it can be a home to small uninvited guests(insects).  All your storage space should be double in the storeroom. Use all the smart furniture to store all the things in your not required stuff for a certain time. And add beautiful led lighting in the room to make it your photo both of your house.

Now, you know  how to assemble your house well and decorate it like differently. Go ahead and decorate your home and don’t forget to share your inspiration idea in comments below to inspire other decorators.

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