Tips for Decorating Your Garden Easy and Simple Ways


If you are thinking about decorating your garden and you do not know where to start, we recommend you to read the tips that we suggest before starting work. To carry out the decoration of the garden you will have to take into account some aspects such as lighting, the separation between the sun and the shade or the location of the plants.

Efficient lighting

Lighting is fundamental in terms of garden decoration. Correct lighting will make the garden look perfect 24 hours a day. In the market, they are available limitlessness of lamps and lights for gardens. There are striking and showy and on the contrary, lights that at first glance look like stones or a fragment of the lawn.

By fixing light bulbs on the ground, we can create paths that illuminate the garden. Illuminate the vertical garden to give prominence or opt for a powerful outdoor lamp for the best pergola.

Whatever you choose, what you should do is install energy saving light bulbs. Although its price is higher, it compensates to buy them because their useful life is much longer. In addition, they consume much less than conventional bulbs so you will notice it on the bill.

Location of plants for garden decoration

Not all the places in the garden are ideal for planting. An overexposure to the sun can be lethal for some types. In the same way, planting them in areas where they barely penetrate the sun’s rays will prevent their growth.

Therefore, you must choose the right type of plant for each area of ​​the garden. Below we list the most suitable species depending on the amount of light they receive.

Plants for shady places: hydrangeas, begonia, azaleas, incense plant, camellias.

Plants for sunny places: geraniums, aromatic herbs or bougainvillea.

Create shadow zones

The fact that the garden has dark areas is primarily protect us from the sun. Ideally, the areas of sun and shade should be combined in the garden. In this way, you can get more out of your garden and give it more use. The sun areas are perfect to locate the pool or lie down with the hammocks. In contrast, the shadow areas are ideal for placing a table and creating a dining room or a play area for the little ones.

Shaded areas can be created in different ways. Here are some of them:

Plants. A large tree with tall branches can create a shade large enough to install a dining area in the garden. In addition, it will make the garden look much greener and will bring you closer to nature.

Awnings. One of the simplest ways to create a shaded area is by installing an awning window. You can anchor it to the nearest wall and extend it or pick it up as needed. You can find them in many sizes and they have a very cheap price.

Pergolas. They are perfect in large gardens because they create a different and more intimate atmosphere. There are various types and materials. Some have awnings in the corners so that we can close them and turn them into a room inside the garden. If you are a lover of plants we recommend a wooden one in which you can plant an ivy on each of the legs. Over time, the ivy will rise to the top of the pergola creating a natural shade.

Safety perimeter in the gardens with swimming pool

If your garden has a pool, you will have to decorate it keeping a safe distance. This distance should be wider if there are children at home. The pool is a fun place to refresh and have fun in equal parts during the summer. Do not forget that it is also a risk because of its depth, especially when they are empty.

Therefore, it is not advisable to place objects such as hammocks or chairs on the edge of the pool. It keeps a security perimeter of around half a meter to prevent incidents. If you have children, a good option is to fence the pool. With a height of one meter, it is enough to avoid risks. So that the fence is not an unattractive object, you can install one that imitates a bush. You can also plant ivies to climb and cover the fence.

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