Next-Gen Contract Packaging: Technology Meets Art

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The isles of any supermarket count as an ongoing exhibition. Ever looked into last few years and realized how packaging had changed so much?

From visuals all the way to how a package is secured and opened, there have been developments. An item that you bought years back has most likely changed its packaging by now.

Marketing competition, changing brand identities, and consumer demands affect the changing tides. Contract packaging companies have to be in-the-know for the latest technologies to provide competitive, sustainable service for clients.

Let’s take a look at the most recent technological trends in the industry and open a package of ideas.

✅ Melting and Dispensing

Most food packagings are bound using adhesives. You’d be hard-pressed to find a product that was not sealed or not have more than one part stuck to another. This is also true for pharmaceutical packaging.

In large scale packaging,  the process starts by melting adhesives using a particular machine. Afterward, it is dispensed by machines that apply adhesives, coatings, and sealants.

Currently, it is a two-step process, but recently there have been successful attempts to introduce a process of “melt-and-dispense.” This glue system focuses on efficiency to bridge the gap between melting time and dispensing time.

✅ Keeping Printers Clean

All packaging involves print – the only way a product can communicate itself to the consumer as it sits in the isles of a store. Print can do wonders for a product in terms of advertising and marketing. No retail can ever exist without print.

Now let’s go back and imagine how a contract packaging site must look like. You’ve guessed it right: Printers – large printers that print beyond what packaging materials you can count in a second – that get dirty after printing countless pages.

Thanks to technological advancements, self-cleaning printers are now being introduced to the market. Efficiency and reduction of waste are achieved at the same time.

✅ Creative Print Design

You might have not noticed that a bottle of soda or an aluminum bottle is printed with a limited number of colors. If you were tasked to design a new visual brand and have a wild imagination for coloring possibilities, surely you would slab more than just five colors in there.

Here’s good news if you’re starting to feel like your favorite drink packaging is looking monotonous. Recent developments have seen the introduction of flexibility when it comes to bottle packaging.

More colors are now being printed with a variety of finishes and specialty inks. This is a great opportunity to boost marketing competition and for packaging companies to offer design flexibility for clients.

✅ Re-Packaging for the Future

Large-scale packaging is largely responsible for anticipated customer experience. No matter how good the product actually is, if you receive it or see it in a damaged or uncompetitive packaging state, you might doubt the product itself. That’s why it is necessary to partner only with the best company that understands your business and needs.

In the future, we anticipate further developments in the packaging industry. There is more to getting bottles filled, jars labeled, and boxes sealed. It is about redefining experience and satisfaction.

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