Living with Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetis

Living with Type 1 diabetes entails a major lifestyle change. You need to be more aware of what your body tells you, and take steps to prevent losing control of your blood-glucose level. Adjusting can be tedious and taxing. A proper exercise program is a proven step to help you manage and mitigate your diabetic condition.

✅ Consult with Your Doctor

The very first thing you need to do before embarking on a fitness regime is to consult with your doctor as to how it relates to your condition. You need to get the doc’s green light, and get a certification that you are fit enough to engage in workouts or other intense physical activities. Inform your physician of the type of workout you are planning. He or she may suggest variation or another approach if it does not appear amenable to your physical state.

As someone with T1 diabetes, you must account for your predisposition to certain complications, such as neuropathy or retinopathy—another reason why you need your doctor to check up on you first. He or she can recommend the best exercise for T1 diabetics, as well as warn you on which ones pose potential risks.

✅ Set Area of Focus

At the very least, adopt a low-impact regimen, such as daily walking,jogging or running. Such aerobic exercises, as well as basketball, swimming, biking, or team sports in general, can help keep you in shape without exerting too much pressure on your system.

In case you are more interested in lifting weights, find a weight training system that can help you attain a leaner, stronger body. About 20-30 minutes for two to three times a week should be enough. Make sure that you do not overdo it.Remember that your muscles continue to burn glycogen even hours after a workout session.

✅ Supplement with a Low-Carb Diet

For a more efficient workout regimen, change to a low-carb diet, or even a keto. Of course, each removes items containing sugar from your diet while including only a minimal amount of carbs. You still need carbs to provide energy throughout the day, but your intake must be measured and limited.

Though burdensome, T1 diabetes should not pose a complete roadblock to a normal life. With proper guidance from your doctor and a commitment to improving your health and wellness, you can continue to live a quality lifestyle.

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