How to Recover Formatted Files from Pen Drive

Pen Drive used to stores files and transfer files from one system to another system. Users saving the entire crucial data in pen drive because of its portability and capacity. Users can carry their pen drives anywhere they go. But, most of the situations, the pen drive file and folders are damaged. Then pen drive needs to format. After formatting the pen drive, Users lose all precious data. users search on the internet how to recover formatted files from pen drive. They don’t know how to overcome from these situations. But don’t worry you are the right place. read this article to know the two proper data recovery solutions.

Recover Formatted Files from Pen Drive By Using CMD

Whenever users lose their data, first of all, choose the manual solution. It is the free way to recover data. I know is the little bit complicated for non-technical users. But don’t worry I will tell you the proper working steps of command prompt.

  • Plug in the formatted pen drive to the windows PC
  • Proceed to Start button and right hit.
  • Hit Command Prompt (Admin). The CMD will open.
  • Type the pen drive letter, E.g. > F: , and press Enter.
  • Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*, press Enter and hold for a few of seconds.
  • Now check the pen drive, and your files would be retrieved

If CMD is not able to retrieve your data then you can try the second method. CMD only recovers normal deleted data. If your data is deleted permanently then you can retrieve your data by using third-party software.

Recover Formatted Files from Pen Drive By Using Software

The pen drive data recovery software is able to recover formatted pen drive data. Firstly it deeply scans the drive after that it recovers data in an original way. The pen drive data recovery tool helps to recover all types of files and folders such as photos, videos, audio’s, ppt, games, PDF, excel, word, zip etc. The pen drive data recovery tool supports to recover FAT 32, exFAT, FAT 16, 32 and NTFS formats. This software recovers normal deleted, permanently deleted (shift deleted) and formatted data from pen drive. It is compatible with all windows versions. It also supports all brands of pen drive and memory card. Users can recover selected data. It provides an advanced search option. Software give free demo version users can preview the whole data then they decide to purchase the pen drive recovery tool. Now I will tell you how to use the software step by step. Just follow these steps that I mentioned below:

Step: 1. Attach The Pen Drive To The System And Run The Program

Firstly you should be attached your pen drive from the system. When your pen drive is connected successfully then you can download the pen drive data recovery software and installed it. Run it by clicking on the program.

Step: 2. Choose Recovery Options Scan or Formatted Scan

The software gives you two recovery options: first is Scan and Second is Formatted Scan. Select Scan option to recover corrupted, normal deleted data and permanently deleted data (shift deleted) from pen drive and SD card. Formatted scan to recover formatted data from pen drive and memory card.

Step: 3. Preview Restored Pen Drive Data and Find

You can preview the data by exploring the folder one by one. The preview window assists you to search your photos, videos, audio files, games, and documents rapidly and accurately. You can choose the files and folders that you want to restored and then click to start button.

Step: 4. Save Recovered Data in your Device

After doing these things you can save your recovered data at your desired location.
This software is not taking to much time to complete the task.

Final Verdict

This is the best way for data recovery by using the third-party professional software. You can recover your data very easily. It is user-friendly software. Pen drive file recovery tool recovers data without losing any quality of files and folders. Software recovers unlimited data without any limitation. It is 100% safe and secure. By using of this software you can save your time and data both.

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