How Dedicated Server Hosting can help Enhance your Business?

What is the most essential thing that you need in an online business? Well, the answer is a dedicated hosting service. But why do we say so? With the growing popularity of the cloud computing services, the business owners are getting swept by the cloud hosting services. Although, the cloud servers are relatively cheaper than the dedicated servers but a burgeoning online business yearns for great infrastructure, flexibility, security manageability and several other things that cannot be fulfilled by any other hosting service. If we go by the name, managed dedicated server exemplifies a complete dedication towards your business. The best part is that you do not have to share it with any third party and you have total control over it. Hence, it gives you the sense of security and a robust performance which you would not be able to find on any other server. So if you are looking to take your business to next level, managed dedicated server hosting is the perfect choice that you need to accomplish your goals.

Dedicated Features of Dedicated Server Hosting

Setting up a large infrastructure for supporting sensitive and resource intensive website operations in a mid-sized or large organization can be a daunting task. However, the infrastructure must be well-equipped with a voluminous storage capacity and unrestricted bandwidth availability for smooth online activities of a website.  There are many startup companies who struggle looking for alternatives in order to host their new web ventures. It is more experienced by the organizations that have significantly greater security and storage needs. Let us delve deep into the features of a Dedicated Server Hosting:

  • Worth Your Money

Unlike the shared hosting services, the dedicated server hosting plans do not possess the option of sharing resources with other parties; hence, it becomes a wise choice for your business. With no extra costs on power, hardware, virtualization or management, you must go for the dedicated hosting servers like the Linux or Windows servers in order to ensure high uptime and security for your business at an affordable price.

  • Dedicated Resources

In the shared server scenario, only one server will load hundreds of websites besides yours. Moreover, the disk space, processing memory, and the resources are shared with the third parties, hence the uptime gets reduced. However, dedicated servers on the contrary, do not allow sharing of resources and this is why it is becoming a popular choice among most of the businesses.

  • Increased Control

Choosing a dedicated hosting server in India enables you with access to the root administration perks. This ensures that you have complete control over the services. Therefore, if you are looking to be in control and be able to install or uninstall applications, customize hardware, and optimize settings based on your requirements; a dedicated hosting server is the perfect choice for you.

  • High-end Connectivity

A dedicated hosting server does not supports virtualization. It enhances the website loading speed when compared to cloud or VPS server hosting services. So if you have the need of speed, a dedicated server hosting will prove to be the best option for you.

  • Bandwidth

In case of dedicated server hosting, it becomes easier to track your bandwidth usage. The dedicated server hosting company you choose provides your business with a specific bandwidth, thus making the management of server hours much more efficient and simple.

  • Simple and Manageable

Talking about the dedicated server hosting in India, it offers free setup and does not requires any expert help. Managing the services of your hosting lies in your hands and you have complete control over all the functionalities. So if you are looking for a server hosting that gives you full access over the services, dedicated hosting is the way to go for you.

A dedicated server hosting exemplifies a powerful physical computer server rented out to only one customer or organization exclusively for their own usage. No other entity can have access to the server and its resources. This is why a managed dedicated server hosting is a perfect way to ensure excellent uptime. Moreover, the in-house management of server infrastructure is controlled by the prohibitive costs and is a time consuming affair. With dedicated server hosting plans, your organization can look forward to saving valuable time which can be channelized to accomplish more productive tasks and development projects.

Don’t Get Influenced by these Misconceptions

According to Research and Markets, the managed dedicated server hosting is projected to reach a value of $47.2 billion by 2018. Therefore, it becomes quintessential for the companies to know what is available and the things that will work exceptionally well for their unique needs.

But recently, dedicated server hosting has been under scrutiny, circumambulated by a considerable amount of hype and negativity. Hence, we have listed down the top misconceptions that you must not pay heed to:

  • Dedicated Hosting means Lack of Control

Does dedicated server hosting usurps control from the clients? Well, it is so not true. Remember, your web hosting provider will be responsible for maintaining the actual server, and they will only provide the security measures so as to protect your server and data. The access and control largely depends on your provider and the type of service you have chosen. Like, a managed dedicated server hosting comes with complete control of resource of vendor support.

  • Dedicated Hosting is Expensive

Going with a best dedicated server hosting is definitely an investment. But the benefit it offers overshadows the costs involved, depending on the hosting provider. Today, the hosting providers offer a range of different plans and prices that can be well suited to your needs and requirements.

The Takeaway

The best dedicated server hosting providers should ensure a high level security and utmost uptime guarantee. This is because; users will avoid visiting a website that takes too long to upload. Moreover, the users also feel reluctant to make any purchases if they don’t feel assured about the security of their transactions.  Hence, the websites that deal with heavy traffic or have strict needs for customization and security might conclude that a dedicated hosting provider is the best option.

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