Creative Wedding Photography: More than Just Capturing the Moment

You know those amazing and crazy wedding photos that get shared a thousand times online? Groomsmen making wild poses and hilarious faces, bridesmaids taking celebratory shots while they help the bride get ready, and children giggling and covering their eyes while the newlyweds kiss? More often than not, shots like these are products of creative wedding photography.

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What is creative wedding photography?

Creative wedding photography goes beyond documenting one of the most important days of your life. It aims to capture and add more depth and spontaneity to each moment.

How do wedding photographers achieve creative shots?

Most photographers do this by shooting candid—and not so candid—moments throughout the day. Here are some examples of candid shots.

  • The couple’s face the first time they see each other on their special day.
  • The wedding guests’ expressions throughout the ceremony.
  • A tender moment between the groom/bride and his/her family.
  • The bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s interactions with the newlyweds.
  • A series of shots of the newlyweds refusing to let go of each other’s hands throughout the day.

“Not so candid” shots, as their name implies, require a bit more planning and directing. The idea for the shot can come from the subjects (i.e., newlyweds, guests) or the photographer. Here are some examples.

  • The newlyweds kissing in front of a breath-taking landscape.
  • The bridesmaid and groomsmen recreating iconic scenes and memes.
  • A distance perspective shot of a tiny bride sitting on the groom’s hand or vice versa.
  • A reflection shot of the newlyweds with the use of mirrors, still water sources, giant puddles, etc.
  • A voyeuristic shot of the newlyweds—which is usually achieved with the photographer shooting from a good distance away from the bride and groom, hiding behind some bushes, trees, and the like—in a tender moment (e.g., kissing, hugging. looking into each other’s eyes, etc.).

Some wedding photographers, meanwhile, go the extra mile for their creatives. Couples reach out to them in the hopes that they can capture and produce wedding photos that encapsulate a certain theme or just plain go out of the box. And, most of the time, these photographers definitely deliver. Here are some examples.

  • The newlyweds and their guests recreate a famous painting in a tableau.
  • Instead of holding flower bouquets, the bridesmaids hold puppies instead.
  • Themed weddings that incorporate dynamic elements from their reference points (e.g., a Harry Potter themed wedding with shots of the newlyweds and guests dueling)
  • A shot of the bridesmaids holding up a sign detailing how they met with the bride with the lady of the moment in the middle. This could apply to the groom and his friends too of course.

But, let’s be clear. Creative wedding photography is never just about the creatives. Many couples who chose this type of photography for their wedding tend to forget this detail. They get so caught up in developing an original and memorable concept that they focus more on getting the right shots than enjoying their wedding—which is not the main goal of creative wedding photography.

At its core, creative wedding photography is just like conventional wedding photography. It’s about the couple and the momentous occasion of their nuptials. It’s about capturing every significant moment and recording every detail of this life-changing affair.

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