Bring Old Posts Back to Life by Recycling Them: 9 Strategies that Work


As your site develops, you’ll have many old posts lying under the webpage, and if you are not using them, then you’re missing out on a great opportunity to scale up your website’s future.

Your previous articles might contain great info, and helpful content in your blog and users might not be able to encounter those articles. Any of your readers will hardly spend the time to undergo pages and check out the old articles. Also, the previous articles won’t have the exact same writing style or formatting as you have today.

For all these factors, recycling older articles or instead repurposing articles can be a great solution to help your new readers find those precious gems. Not only you’d have more traffic, but more social likes and a boost in Google rankings as well.

Why You Should Recycle Old Blog Posts?

You might have encountered a situation when you didn’t find any issues with the old article or you are too lazy to write an article. Worst case scenario, your website will probably always be dead for months with no brand new article, and eventually you’ll face Drop-in traffics and rankings.

I have faced the exact same situation so many times, and my best move is to recycle the older website posts. Going to the last page of your website and reading older articles does cause you to look just like a noob, and you will instantly think about changing or upgrading it.

Additionally, you can also get some good ideas about new topics to cover and talk about new things, just by going through your comment section or by reading other blogs that includes this same topic. So, it works like a type of material curating strategy too.

We have talked about Why you should recycle them now let’s talk about How to reuse them in different ways.

That is why you are reading this, right?

Through, in my personal experience and ideas from other blog friends, I have to put together a checklist of 10 ways I can recycle old website articles to make it user engaging. The different strategies mentioned here will help you get more traffic, societal shares, and hopefully a steady boost.

9 Strategies to Recycle old Articles and Get More Traffic

Let us get started then!

1. Inter-link Within New Articles

Inter-link old articles from the blog when you are writing new posts. It is also the best practice for search engine optimization and gives web crawlers a chance to re-crawl the article.
If you’re writing a new post, look for words which are relevant to your previous articles.

For example, if you’re writing a brand new article about “Men’s Fashion” and you also run across words like”Basics of Fashion” and “Fashion Suggestions,” you may then link back to previous related articles.

Something to note here is the anchor texts. They need to be relevant to the article you’re linking to. Try not to link to unrelated pages with a bunch of spammy anchor text. Use secondary or long tail keywords for this purpose as it’s going to help you get a broad anchor text profile.

Also, don’t flood your post using inter-links, maintain a suitable balance of 5-8%.

2. Create New Content related to old posts.

One of the best quality of a seasoned blogger is that he utilizes his content as much as possible. And creating string posts or roundups are great ways to do it.

It’s possible to create a brand new collection of articles, by using these previous articles and you can add in-depth information in them.

The best example of this would be to build a step by step guide to starting a blog where you list out all your articles including how to buy a domain, set up web hosting, search engine optimization, promotion, etc..

3. The Fantastic Use Your Newsletter

Do not just keep sending your original articles to your subscribers. Share your old articles every once in a while to ensure that your current readers have something new to read.

And trust me your pre-existing readers won’t take it is an annoying thing.
Few suggestions while emailing recycled materials to your own readers:

  1. Mix your new articles with older ones.
  2. Try to use a different call to action lines to read your article and use current dates for the same old article. For Instance, If it contains any month or year, then alter it into the present date.
  3. If possible, try to create a new email series to discuss old posts frequently with new readers.

In case if you are making a mistake by not collecting subscriber’s email then stop and rethink your strategy. It is essential for your blog’s long-term growth.

4. Reshare On Social Media Channels

Don’t underestimate the ability of social media. You don’t need to share only your most recent articles, but you can share your recycled older articles to get the attention of new readers.

There are so plugin using which you can post your old posts on social media. And one of them is Revive Old Post.

There’s a Pro version available of that plug-in which will perform the exactly as normal version, but instead of Twitter, it will repost your content on different social media sites like Facebook, Tumbler, etc..

But do remember that you should not tweet precisely the same thing over and over again. Your accounts will certainly get suspended because of the duplicate log-in issue.

You might also use these social media automation tools to automate your social media marketing with no need of employing a VA.

5. Create PDFs and upload it on SlideShare

SlideShare has become the most widely used slide sharing platform across the globe. Also, there are tens of thousands of users using it every now and then.

Building slides or PDFs don’t take much of energy, and also you do not have to be perfect at it.

You can make simple slides with useful but brief points and upload them on SlideShare. Apart from a backlink, you will get additional traffic on your website.

Avoiding hard to see fonts and making use of a modified template is a best practice that everyone should follow.

6. Create Videos and Upload it on YouTube

Like I mentioned above, you can create simple videos from your old posts. Simple videos on tutorials, animated slides or whiteboard will do the job.

You can even add these videos to your existing article to increase its relevancy and user reading time.

There are some talented gigs on Fiverr and Freelancer who will get your job done in no time.

I recently produced a very simple video with a post, and by doing so the average session time has increased by a fantastic percentage.

7. Create an Ebook

Similar to developing a series, you can also create an ebook on any course and utilize your old articles in it. Ebooks are becoming very popular these days, and every famous site on the internet is selling ebooks.

As you may not be able to sell it, but you can provide free value to your readers, and they will subscribe to your newsletter for sure to get more useful content like this.

Free courses that are useful is the best way to get more subscribers. A very simple ebook with 10 chapters or tips may boost your subscriber count.

8. Develop an FAQ or Forum Subdomain

There are so many people that are having a lot of queries so to help them you can create a separate FAQ page or Forum subdomain and answer their queries by utilizing your old posts. Also, you can make a list like 500 most asked questions and solve them using your older posts.

You may keep updating the page and adding questions as your site develops. Do not forget to incorporate the FAQ page at the main menu of your blog and let your readers know about it.

Occasionally, I try to produce an FAQ section at the end of the post which briefly answers a few questions I’ve received from my readers and online forums.

9. Insert Popular Posts in Monthly Website Reports

If you’re a blogger that likes to keep tabs on your monthly accomplishments and goals then posting monthly reports is a great way to do it. It builds user trust, and most will see your blog especially to have a look at your monthly users count.

Many pro writers share their monthly earnings and also make a special article on that.

Few examples:

Since monthly reports will be the most well-known articles on a website, they get the utmost limelight, and people tend to do browse posts that are popular.

These are a few of the methods by which you can recycle older blog posts and gain new traffic without any effort.

Final Words

If you’re not recycling your previous site posts, then you’re missing out massive traffic. Act fast and begin deploying this strategy ASAP.

Already reusing your articles? If yes, then what are the strategies you are using to recycle old blog posts? Share your ideas and views about recycling old website articles in the comments section below.

Author Bio:

James is a writer and blogger. He is an individual that loves to do research in SEO and find new things. He also owns a software company that provides Microsoft dynamic 365 Custom Development.


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