Beautiful Houses for Visitors in Morocco


Casablanca (Anfa Supérieur), 20000:

Ideally positioned in the heights of Casablanca’s most high-class neighborhood, an exceptional Palace, known as Parc d’Anfa that blends, in a luxurious artistic marriage, the most extravagant Moroccan traditional & architectural inspirations with modern features, in the heart of Morocco? Also an economic capital.

Parc d’Anfa tunefully associates the charm of an eastern fortress in a diplomatic location. The Anfa superior Domestic area, which takes its name from the Berber word for? Hill, has always fascinated the Kingdoms richest families for enjoyment and fun. Supervising the Atlantic coast, this neighborhood with an air of Beverly Hills is now home to the greatest and most luxurious properties and significant villas as well as the Royal Golf Club which is established in the Casablanca.

Depiction from its motivation from the pure modification of oriental palaces. Parc d’Anfa faintly transports together with the assortment of Morocco’s architectural inheritance and the politest western ingredients and ornaments.

Marrakesh, 40000:

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Who ignores the story of the Taj Mahal? The Mogul Shah Jâhan built this fantastic marble palace for his wife Mumtaz Mahal.

What could be more standard than discovering some alike love-inspired story in one of the most charming cities of great Morocco? This story is the one of a pair who was captivated with Grenada’s Alhambra’s attractiveness. Bargain-hunting, they established the plans of the Andalusian architectural stunning successive work in a secondhand bookshop in London.

They did not a necessity anymore, or not so much more, only 1300 gifted craftsmen employed flat out for three full years – to create an authentic replica of the Alhambra Palace set on a 4.6 ha plot in the soul of Marrakech’s palm grove – The Palmeraie.

Tangier, 90000:

The Chilean painter Claudio Bravo not ever got exhausted of relishing his properties richly scattered throughout with pine-trees with sights over The Mediterranean. He lived in Morocco for thirty years unscrambling his time between Tangier, in the northern part of the country, and Taroudant, near the Atlas in the South.

This beautiful property in Tangier observed the birth of a number of Bravo’s, main works of art. It is a foreign fortress dating back from the beginning of the 20th century presenting a whimsical mature three-hectare garden. How could such a setting not have enthused him?

The vast capacities of the principal house open onto a widespread terrace supported by colonnades. The villa structures several living rooms, bedrooms, as well as a studio, where Claudio Bravo has left his mark on everything. His fragments of furniture, the source of motivation for some paintings, and the jars covering his paintbrushes remain uninjured.

Marrakesh (Palmieri), 40000:

Only the premium materials have been used to achieve a flawless villa completed to the highest of standards of quality and beauty. The owners have cautiously selected each substantial things to give a human dimension to the generous capacities within the villa. Many day rooms and enclosed walkways around the enormous pool are used to organize large parties.

With Virikson Morocco, a great visit to these houses will explore a lot of ways and many other routes for enjoyments and stay ion these beautiful houses in Morocco holidays.

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