Artificial Intelligence: Ethical Issues to be Considered

Artificial Intelligence

If the industrial revolution was one of the major milestones of the last century, then the AI revolution can be seen as another similar revolution in the making. In fact, it could have a wider impact and deeper impact on society as a whole. While the machines could only perform the tasks that required manual efforts, the AI can successfully execute the tasks that require manual dexterity, the presence of mind, knowledge and judgmental capabilities. We are still at the nascent stage and things seem to be really sunny. However, if we start studying the deeper impact with a futuristic perspective, we can understand that there are a number of ethical issues that can be caused by the widespread use of AI. So this is the right time to start working on such issues because once the AI takes control of the society then it will be extremely difficult to control or discipline these smart machines. Here are a few possible ethical issues that need immediate attention:

✅ Unemployment

AI is working hard to develop self-driving vehicles- right from Google’s self-driving car testing to self-driving trucks of Tesla. If such vehicles are made widely available to the public then thousands of such drivers will be rendered unemployed. These drivers are semi-educated or uneducated and thus finding any other source of income would be a great challenge for them. Likewise, there are many other jobs that hire manpower with exceptional skills and AI can replace such a massive workforce. It can augment the number of unemployed people across the globe.

✅ Increase the income gap

The use of AI can significantly increase the net profit of businesses and at the same time eliminates a number of opportunities that are currently available to qualify and talented professionals. The income gap is already a vital issue and this condition will only aggrandize the same. Also, we could see the emergence of a new income group comprising all such unemployed people.

✅ Negative impact on psychology and society

With most of the challenging jobs being transferred to AI, a large portion of skilled human talent will be dismissed. How will such human talent deal with the rejection and disappointment it created? Besides, finding other avenues will become more difficult for them as many equivalent jobs will be transferred to AI. This sudden turn of events can be harmful to society and may halt the global progress.

✅ AI’s Irrelevant intelligence

Training and testing phase help machines to acquire the knowledge and hone it in the real-time or make wise decisions during difficult situations. However, it is also possible that they start “recognizing” random instances as a part of the pattern and waste their energy doing something irrelevant or even harmful. Unlike human beings, they cannot decide (yet) which patterns should be ignored and which ones should be taken into account.

✅ The imbalance between logic and ethics

It can be clear by this real-life scenario: Someone with suspicious movements or facial expression might just be nervous or mentally disturbed. In such situations, the security personnel relies on their professional experience as well as ethical judgment. However, if such security personnel’s are replaced by AI then they could not be able to tackle such tricky situations with the same level of efficiency and ethical behavior.


Right from self-driving trucks till chess-playing robots defeating professional human players- the AI revolution doesn’t seem to be hype anymore. While there are a number of advantages offered by AI, we cannot neglect the various ethical challenges they can pose to society. In this blog, we have highlighted 5 such ethical challenges of AI that can have a deeper and negative impact on the socio-economical aspect of the world.

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