7 Facts that Will Make You Fall in Love With Dubai


Dubai is synonymous with eye-catching architecture. You will find yourself being in a rocky relationship while living in Dubai. You won’t be able to resist yourself in falling in love with the beauty of this luxurious and stunning city. It conquers the attention of the world with the variety of unique experiences and elements of surprises. The lively vibes of Dubai entice its guests. You can enjoy the suite life like royals in this city of dreams.

✅ The Astonishing Dubai City Skyline:

1. The Astonishing Dubai City Skyline

The mere sight of the skyscraper will take your breath away. You will fall in love with its grand, glittering and structured skyline. The city’s never-ending quest to shine at engineering marvels will amaze you. Be it from an eye view or above the ground; this fantastic city will spellbind you in every aspect. You will be awestruck from the sheer sight view of the tallest building of the world. The 360-degree top view of the city from the observatory deck will leave you astonished.

✅ Hatta Tour:

2. Hatta Tour

You can experience some grand adventure with a Hatta tour. Explore the hidden beauty of Hajar mountains along with the charm of old Hatta village in this tour. It is one of the most recreational activity at this leading tourist destination of the world. You will have a look at the majestic rock formation by going through the beautiful natural springs in an outfitted 4×4 vehicle. Enjoy swimming in one of the cool wadis. Take amazing dramatic snaps at Hatta Fort and Hatta water Dam. You can shop some traditional carpet in the Carpet market.

✅ Hidden Underwater Voyage:

3. Hidden Underwater Voyage

Do you desire to swim with sharks? Well, almost everything seems possible in Dubai. Get ready to surf another world with the fantastic views of the aquarium. This palm resort boasts floor to ceiling view into an aquarium. You will get an illusion of being under the sea.

You can come to do scuba diving and come face to face with sharks at the lost Chambers of Atlantis Dubai. Sleep with fishes in this underwater luxury suite. This 5-star hotel has thousands of creatures on display.

✅ Cruising on Dubai Creek:

Cruising on Dubai Creek

You can explore the best sight of Dubai by a traditional cruise. You will have a look at the true heritage of Dubai on this cruise tour. Take a magical journey down the silent Dubai Creek to witness the different blend of new and old. You will be stunned to see how Dubai evolved from a small fishing village to the land of luxurious skyscrapers, malls, and beautiful resorts. Enjoy the mouthwatering dinner with live music in a moonlight night.

✅ Snow Skiing:

Snow Skiing Dubai

You won’t find much snow in any other part of the world but Dubai. This is the only desert land that has snow all year around. Such things make this city a fun-filled holiday destination. An outlandish attraction of Dubai is the Ski Dubai. This is an indoor arena filled with snow even if there is the scorching heat of the sun outside. You can enjoy here skiing on slopes, snow fighting, and riding chairlifts. You can also watch the sights of waddling penguins.

✅ Sunset Over the Desert:

Sunset Over the Desert

You might have witnessed the sunset at sea many time but experiencing the same in the desert will leave you spellbound. Evening Desert Safari Dubai allows you to see the sun setting in the warm golden tones of the desert. You can enjoy camel riding and falconry here. Take a dune drive across the desert. There is a henna designing session for females. The BBQ dinner is delicious too. There are several entertainment activities during lunch. A belly dancer performs a beautiful show around the campfire.

Sand ski is a favorite part of a desert safari tour. Ski on a ski board from the highest dunes. Don’t be afraid in this thrilling experience as if you fall then the soft sand is there to catch you.

✅ Unmatched Luxury Living:

Unmatched Luxury Living

You can live like a royal in Dubai. The high rise apartments and the 5-star hotels have taken luxury cling to new heights in this iconic city. Numerous hotel chains are setting up excellent leisure facilities. Such things make this city a premier luxury living destination. Be it the surreal Atlantis Palm Dubai, Armani Hotel at Burj Khalifa or the class Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, all ensure a comfortable lavish stay. Dubai Opera, Index tower, Princess tower, JW Marriot Marquis and Cayan Tower are some other beautiful buildings of Dubai. The city takes its lifestyle seriously.

Final Word:

Dubai offers something unusual to every genre of traveler who comes with an expectation of sophistication. The mind-blowing landmarks increase the charm of this city. It makes its way in the heart of travelers with the attractions that are not found anywhere else on the planet. City sightseeing Dubai tour is full of amazing views, adventure, and thrill. Desert safari in Dubai gives you a chance to spent some quality time in adventurous activities in the desert.

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