7 Best Mobile App Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

mobile app marketing strategy

The virtual existence of any business cannot be restricted to a website only and it is necessary to have a presence on the mobile platform as well in order to target the vast number of smart device users. The effectiveness of any mobile application is limited to its reach and in this article we are presenting some valuable tips for mobile app marketing strategies that can benefit business owners in expanding the horizons of their venture.

✅ Optimize The App Content

One of the best strategies for improving the visibility of the app in order to maximize its potential for your business is to optimize its content by choosing the most appropriate and relevant keywords. In fact, these terms must be finalized right at the time of conceptualization of the application so that even the name of the new utility can be designed around one of them. A tagline is attached to the name of the service in most stores and these words must be placed there besides optimizing its description by inserting the terms in the initial few lines which are visible to any visitor to the store.

✅ Generate Lots Of Favourable Reviews

Reviews have the potential to affect the decision making of the users and new enterprise owners should strive hard to generate as many positive comments as possible for their application. A simple call to action asking subscribers to rate may not be sufficient and innovative tactics like conducting a poll and then requesting those providing a positive response to leave a few words in the comments section, are required. Customer feedback is essential for the assessment and betterment of the utility and therefore keep prompting your clients for their reactions. Professional reviewers must also be contacted for writing an appraisal of your product with the relevant app store link on their blogs.

✅ Leverage Influencers Of Your Domain

Social media marketers know the worth of influencers- people who have a significant following because of their expertise and knowledge in their domain. These individuals have the ability to influence the decision making of their followers and you can contact them for promoting your product on the various social media networks they are active on. A most important point to be kept in  mind here is that the product or service must be of the highest quality as influencers will not risk their reputation for any item that has questionable antecedents. This is one of the most effective mobile app marketing strategies as using the power of social media, you can expand the reach of your service in less time.

✅ Invest In A Simple Design

A lot of people confuse complexity with attractiveness when instead a simple design helps in engaging people with a website or an app. Invest in an easy to navigate application with uncomplicated processes and straightforward mobile friendly call to actions. A service that can be deployed and used without the requirement of too much technical knowledge will make it appealing to all types of users and can also be created quickly with the help of suitable platforms like WordPress Web development framework. Moreover, such utilities will also load faster on any device and with inherent convenient features will always be instrumental in improving the conversion rate.

✅ Advertise On Mobile And Social Media Platforms

An easy way to target prospective customers is through advertisements on mobile platforms like popular websites related to your business domain. Placing click to download ads that direct the visitor to a app store or image texts and banner ads that will lead the guest to the relevant landing page will be helpful in popularizing the service. Social media networks can also be used for focused targeting of the customers on the basis of their demographic or location details. It is important to have responsive website so that any user gets a satisfying experience on visiting the landing page through a smart device.

✅ Use Blogs To Generate Publicity

Blogging will always be a potent tool for giving an organic boost to the marketing campaign of your product. You must have a blog of your own where informative and unique content is uploaded regularly besides contributing on other websites in the form guest posts which will provide valuable backlinks to your app store page. This is also a good method for building up the image of your enterprise as a trustworthy organization.

✅ Take Advantage Of Video Marketing

Visuals are a great way to attract potential clients and creating videos highlighting the best features of the app or testimonials from subscribers discussing the benefits of the service and publishing them on video- sharing networks like YouTube besides social media channels like Facebook or Twitter will be helpful. A person can be influenced into using the service by demonstrating its usefulness through videos and therefore do include one on the app store as well.


These mobile app marketing strategies will definitely give a boost to the visibility of the service on chosen stores and consequently help in driving more and more prospective customers to your business.

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