6 Fantastic Ideas For a 1st Wedding Anniversary Celebration

1st anniversary is the completion of a one-year marriage life. Couples have spent the best memorable moments throughout the year. Both have shared joys and sorrows and experienced ups and downs of the time. Now, it’s time to celebrate those lovely moments of togetherness. You are expecting a grand celebration for sure. But your mind doesn’t make up for one. So here is the list of fantastic ideas to celebrate the first wedding anniversary.

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✅ Plan a Party

Plan a party

Planning a party is the most loved idea of celebrating the wedding date. It’s time to cherish this event with close family members and special friends. Invite them all with the big heart and arrange a mini wedding cake. You can make some arrangements like the food menu or flowers decoration or cake decoration the same as adorned on a wedding day. This will help all your friends and family members to rewind the special moments of that special day.

✅ Set a Romantic Theme

Set a romantic theme

It’s not a formal get-to-gather it is a celebration of love, togetherness, and couple goals. It has to be enjoyed in a romantic way. You can apply a romantic theme in the party by adding a special color, music to the party place. You can use as many red roses to add the essence of love and romance. you can set everything from the dinner table to entrance depicts the love between two.

✅ Plan a Surprise Candle-light Dinner

Plan a surprise candle light dinner

Many couples do not want interference of crowd this time. They want to be lonely to be with each other every time. So plan a surprise candlelight dinner for her. She has the best time to churn the moments of love. Book the dinner table in advance in her favorite restaurant. Also, plan to serve her favorite food. Set the wine bottle and wine glasses around the table to toast the glass for celebration. You can also amaze her with a special anniversary gift. Your first-anniversary date is ended up with a smile on her face.

✅ Second Honeymoon

Second honeymoon

it gives you a second chance to celebrate and share joyful moments. get the second trip to the same destination you both enjoyed a honeymoon night the first time. You can feel the same aura of the magical night of the very first day of the wedding. Book the same room if possible. You have to preplan it. Otherwise, you will lose the charm of 1st wedding night.

✅ Exchange Surprises Gifts

Exchange gift

Gifts are the most preferable choices to represent your love for a partner. You have to be firm about what type of gift she or he would love to steal from you. Buy that gift and give it to your partner or 1st wedding anniversary date. Personalized gifts carry a lot of sentiments at one time. Until and unless you will not make it, they will not get to know of your feelings.

So you can use this option for sharing your emotional values to the one very close to your heart.

✅ Watching Wedding Videos

Watching Wedding Videos

The wedding is the most important day of everyone’s life. One year of married life is accomplished and now both have become the matured couples. So watching a wedding video on first wedding date is a fun. Set the popcorn, wine drinks and other needful things around the sitting place. Now enjoy watching the memorable moments of a wedding day. Couples have the best time to share the most affectionate moment with each other. You can share a lot of talks and enjoy pampering each other when watching a video.

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Cuddle, pamper and feel the most loved by utilizing these tricks of celebration. 1st wedding anniversary celebration reflects your intimacy, eternal love and enduring love for your partner. This must be rejoiced with special surprises. Here we talk about some reasons to make your partner feel special on this day. Gifts or surprises are a great excuse to strengthen the bond of a relationship of husband and wife.


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