6 Attractions in Mount Desert Island for Wanderlusts

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Mount Desert Island or MDI, is popular as the home of Bar Harbor town and the Acadia National Park. Being the second largest island on United States’ eastern seaboard and the largest island on the Maine coast, it receives millions of tourists and visitors every year from across the world. The huge traffic brought along with these visitors in the less commercial area led to its growth as a popular tourist destination today. The Mount Desert Island has some of the best sites for a visitor seeking natural beauty and some enthralling adventure experience. If you desire to have a similar experience during your trip to the coast of Maine, know about these top attractions in Mount Desert Island.

✅ Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is one of the oldest national parks on the Mount Desert Island with giant rocky headlands lined along the Coast of Maine. It is considered to be the most visited tourist spot in the Coast of Maine with almost 3.3 million tourists reaching to explore the 7 peaks located above 1000ft through hiking trails, 45 miles of carriage roads via the 16 stone bridges. You will be pleased by experiencing the beauty of nature at its peak in Acadia national park.  The national park has several attractive coastal landmarks you can visit with your family and friends. If the thought of visiting the Acadia Park excites you, get your bookings done with Indian Eagle at reasonable air fares.

✅ Cadillac Mountain

Once you know how to get to Mount Desert Island, you have all the liberty to explore the top attractions and do not miss out the Cadillac Mountain. It is famous as the highest point in the North Atlantic seaboard. The region observes the sunrise first in all across the United States between October and March. Who wouldn’t want to experience this beautiful sight standing thousands of feet above ground? Another interesting fact about the Cadillac Mountain is that it is one among the twenty mountains on the MDI pushed up by earth’s volcanic and tectonic forces around millions of years ago.

✅ Gorham Mountain Trail

One of the best things to do on Mount Desert Island is hike up to the Gorham Mountains. It is among the most famous hiking trails in the region of Acadia National Park. Although not popular to be the highest mountains on MDI having a summit of 550 foot, yet the views from the top of the mountain is what a tourist seeks for – spectacular and intimate.

The trail begins at the foot of the Gorham Mountain Trail in the parking area on the Park Loop Road. Rated to be a moderate trek at the beginning, it gets a little rugged as you reach the opening of the granite ascent crossing the spruce forest.

✅ Park Loop Road

Park Loop Road is the 27 miles route when you want to navigate along the Acadia National Park situated on Mount Desert Island on a vehicle. The route begins at the Hulls Cove Visitor Center, marked north on the Mount Desert Island map as you look at the Bar Harbor region. It connects to the mountains, park’s lakes, rocky shores and forests for smoother exploration. You can also access the Park Loop Road from Route 3 to the South of Bar Harbor located in the right. The road is mostly one way until you take the Wildwood Stables. You will need to pay a fee for entrance, either at the entrance station or at the Visitor Center, Seawall and Blackwoods Campgrounds, Thompson Island Information Center and the Bar Harbor Village.

✅ Precipice Trail

One of the best destinations on Mount Desert Island and the most challenging trail in the region, Precipice trail involves a hike of 1000 foot vertical climb on the east of the Champlain Mountain. The Precipice Trail starts from the foot of precipice cliff on the East of Mount Desert Island and one mile north from the Schooner Head. Go on the hiking trail only if you are physically fit and an experienced hiker without a fear of heights. Moreover, do not take the hiking trail alone and also have a check on the weather conditions prior to the hike.

✅ Schoodic Peninsula

This part of Acadia National Park, the area on the Schoodic Peninsula is the only part situated on the mainland. The schoodic Peninsula covers almost 2,466 acres of land in the Acadia National Park. The region has got some geological features quite similar to Mount Desert Island. However, it is in more seclusion and invites less commercial actions in and around. It is the secluded environment of the Schoodic Peninsula that makes it a place discussed a lot among tourists from far off lands.

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