5 E-Sports that are Dominating the Digital World


With traditional sports losing its charm and money, people are going towards the much fascinating Esports and if anyone of you doubts the presence of Esports in the computer game industry then its high time to clear your doubts.

Esports being around for quite a time has a range of games from multiple genres as it’s a professional gaming competition where gamers from across the globe compete to battle against hardcore teams. Surprisingly the global Esports economy has grown by 34% annually reaching to over $660m and its anticipated it will cross a mind-blowing $1.5bn by 2020, says “Newzoo”.

While sports are losing its feel, the everyday viewership of Esports is increasing immensely with some big Game Brands coming to light. Jennifer Lopez, the famous singer and actor, has bought a team franchise for her Overwatch League where multiple teams will be participating for a shooting game which has been launched in January this year.

But some of the games bring in millions of viewers monthly through their loyal fans and dominate the Esport industry as well. These games have been around for years now and their popularity is significantly increasing. With these games being global, it happens mostly that some of them are restricted for access in different regions of the world like African countries, Middle Eastern countries and some Asians too. If you want to play Dota 2 online with you American friend while sitting in Russia, you might need an American IP.

To get this problem resolved, MMORPG game experts recommended tools that can change your IP and let you virtually reside in another country.

Let’s talk about them.

✅ Dota 2

Among the first in the leadership board is Dota 2 which is praised for its outstanding gameplay, production quality and graphics with multiple gaming publications is considered to be the top of the line game in esports. Since its release, the game received much popularity by the gamers which led to the official merchandise being produced such as toys, apparels, and promotional tie-ins.

Each day millions of players through-out the globe come on board to battle one of the hundred Dota heroes. While the fascinating aspect is no matter it’s the 8th hour of play of the 800th; you’ll always discover and learn something new in the game as the updates ensure a constant introduction of maps, features and heroes having spectacular skills to keep the gamers attention retained. It’s exciting to see the loyal gamers go deep in China as well and the crowd-funded prize pools reaching millions.

It’s definitely dominating the esport regime.

✅ Counter-Strike (GO)

What once was just a first-person shooting game is now the worlds most watched esport in the gaming market taking the gamers by thunder. The game itself came a long way since its creation and what seemed as a mid-shot competitive title a year back is now beginning to challenge League.

Not just in the US and Europe, Counter-Strike (CS) has made grounds worldwide and is now starting to get traction in China, which means more investment regarding money sponsorships.

The game is simple with a straightforward team of 5 people having clear-cut attacks and defense. The simplicity makes it stand out compared to League of Legends, making the game on weekly broadcasting with TBS and ELeague. All this hype leads it to dominate the gaming zone.

✅ League of Legends

When it comes to knowing a games reach, league of Legends stands out being globally recognized. Yes, you heard me. There are numerous professional league of legends worldwide having a huge market in the US, China and Europe. It’s a fast-competitive game that mixes the speed and intensity of RPG elements with RTS while increasing the complexity of the Esport game.

Two teams of strong champions having a unique playstyle battle on different gaming modes. The only drawback the game faces is how confusing and difficult it would be for a newcomer to join the gaming experience. However, with the continually evolving updates and endless champions, the game never fails to entice and amaze players of every skill.

Koreans among the many dominate the market for Korean imports on roster. Riot Games has left no space for loopholes as the game speaks itself giving you a wow factor having a wide range of known players like the Michael Jordan-esque Lee.

✅ Street Fighter V

Now let’s switch to our first fighting game among the giant names. If fighters are concerned, Capcom is investing a lot of its time and money on Street Fighter making them the best fighters available on Esports radar. The tournaments lead to big response from the gamers who come to participate. More than 4000 people entered the competition in Las Vegas in July 2016 making it a gamers paradise.

Among other street fighting games, Street Fighter has created a name in the market through its spontaneous characters with evolving skills and fighting styles which the gamers die for. The game grabs the users in a way that they forget time and brought professional players like Daigo Umehara who won two of the matches back in 2011 Kotaku list.

The sport has created a big name in Esports as one which is still played and chanted for.

✅ Super Smash Bros. Melee

Number five on our list, Super Smash Bros has been around for 15 years which is recognizable through the astonishing graphics and characters in the game which serves the same purpose to enhance the gamers experience.

Esports reached new heights with Super Smash making history in grabbing gamers attention worldwide, having dozens of international competitions with significant outcomes. Annually ‘Five Gods’ (veterans) of the game are challenged by the hopeful slayers of the king from every corner of the game, making it one of the Esports game which has its roots deep within the ground and among the gamers hearts.

These games are among the top known brands of all time and gamers around the world with multiple ethnicities know its worth and presence in the gaming market.

These games are taken light as if the market of them is limited. Don’t be fooled as the intensity and the amount of investing is being underway in Esports is making these game makers worry about the games dominating the industry.

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