New in New York? Here are the 10 Must-Visit Places to Have Fun

New York has been a popular place since the early days of settlement. The city is still home to the most captivating and gorgeous spots on the US East Coast. And there are several other reasons to move to New York City.

If it is your first trip to New York, we know that it could be overwhelming and confusing to choose from all the super-enticing attractions that beckon you to visit them. It is known as the Big Apple for good reason. New York City is considered the epicenter of the worlds of fashion, finance, music, theater, art, literature as well as architecture. In addition, it also has plenty of historical sites, which is a bonus. You simply cannot see the entire city in a single trip.

If you are looking to have fun and want to get a general feel for this city, start with our list of the ten must-visit places and top attractions.

Statue of Liberty

✅ Statue of Liberty

The historic Statue of Liberty was gifted by France to the US. The landmark has welcomed tourists to the American shores for over 100 years.

Lady Liberty stands at a remarkable 305 feet (93 meters) on her pedestals. You can climb for spectacular views of Gustave Eiffel and Brooklyn’s supportive framework. If you choose not to climb all the 154 grand steps to its crown, do not worry as the pedestal affords panoramic views of both downtown New York City and the harbor. Park Rangers offer guided tours of the beautiful Liberty Island throughout the day.

Empire state Building

✅ Empire State Building

It goes without saying that the Empire State Building is one of the most recognized and iconic symbols of New York City. A visit to the monumental structure as well as its impressive observation deck should be on your bucket list.

This popular New York City attraction offers millions of visitors, every year, magnificent views of New York City along with the surrounding area from the 102nd and 86th-floor observatories. The legendary building was opened for visitors during the Great Depression back in 1931 and reflects its superb Art déco era both in its lobby and architecture.

Central Park

✅ Central Park

Nearly 850 acres are open to tourists in America’s most-visited and exquisite urban park. It was designed in 1858 by famous landscape architects Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted after they beat out over 30 competitors for the grand project.

Now the park is a National Historic Landmark and is full of exciting places to explore, such as its zoo, the mall, Bethesda Fountain, and Wollman Rink. And even the popular Metropolitan Museum of Art falls within the park’s confines.

Time Square

✅ Times Square

With its legendary status and gaudy lights, Times Square daily draws over 400,000 people. It is a busy place and quintessential New York for most visitors. The huge billboards and massive crowds are certainly a wild spectacle if you come from a one-stoplight type of town.

However, the neighborhood has gradually become friendlier for pedestrians with more plazas and reduced traffic and tables and seating for relaxation. You will also find various food carts.

Grand Central Terminal

✅ Grand Central Terminal

Although hurrying through Grand Central Terminal is a monotonous routine for a lot of New Yorkers, it is arguably one of the most popular transit hubs in the world. It is certainly worth a stop-off at your own convenience to gaze at the famous and impressive clock in the Main Concourse. You can also peer upwards to admire the huge American flag as well as the constellation-painted ceiling.

Brooklyn Bridge

✅ Brooklyn Bridge

The iconic Brooklyn Bridge was built between 1869 and 1883. It is one of the most recognizable and oldest suspension bridges in the world. The bridge spans 5,989 ft. and connects Brooklyn to Manhattan across the East River.

Over 120,000 vehicles, 2,600 bicyclists, and 4,000 pedestrians cross this bridge each day. Also, visitors to Brooklyn Bridge can drive, walk, or bike across this iconic New York City landmark. The long stroll across this bridge provides lots of opportunities for admiring and taking in the New York skyline.

Rockefeller Center

✅ Rockefeller Center

You must take a brief tour of Rockefeller Center. It is an exquisite complex of nineteen buildings that was built by the famous Rockefeller family and offers great behind-the-scenes looks at some of the greatest treasures of New York City.

The buildings have housed a lot of major corporations, such as General Electric, over the years and are also home to the famous NBC studios. With seventy stories, the majestic Top of the Rock observation deck offers tourists an unobstructed and a 360-degree view of the city.

North-South Lake Campground

✅ North-South Lake Campground

Considered the biggest camping ground in the Catskill Forest Preserve, the famous spot has over 200 campsites, 2 swimming beaches and picnic areas along with charcoal grills. In addition, the hiking is top notch. Don’t forget to bring your must-have camping gear, like tents, stakes, and poles, when you visit this place.

Learn how to plan your first camping adventure here.

American Museum of Natural History

✅ American Museum of Natural History

Since its opening in 1869, the historic American Museum of Natural History has considerably evolved and grown. Apart from the great Rose Center planetarium and eye-catching permanent displays, this museum also hosts a revolving series of various temporary exhibitions.

It is an ideal place for children, with IMAX shows and a Discovery Center which is no short of hands-on activities. Several cafes and the food court offer tourists several amazing dining options to refuel during extended visits.

Fifth Avenue

✅ Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue is ranked, by many, as one of the most expensive and glamorous shopping streets in the world. It is an excellent destination for visitors and locals who have a taste for extravagance and luxury.

Also, the area of Fifth Avenue which crosses Midtown Manhattan between 60th and 49th Streets is lined with many high-end shops, which include prestigious department stores and designer showrooms. You cannot miss this area on your trip to NYC.

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